3 Quick & Easy Tips to Properly Water Your House Plants

3 Quick & Easy Tips to Properly Water Your House Plants


One of the best ways to ensure healthy plants is by watering them correctly. Let’s walk through how to properly water your plants to maximize their life span and minimize overwatering.




With few exceptions, most house plants are ready for water when the top 1-3 inches of soil feel dry to the touch. Use your fingers to feel whether the soil is still damp or bone dry. If the soil still feels moist, then there is no need to water yet.




Have you ever heard the term “feast or famine”? This is the approach every plant parent should be using. Rather than a tiny bit of water every couple of days, only water when the soil is dry. Make sure that you are confident that all of the soil is covered before moving to the next thirsty plant.




While using this all-or-nothing approach, make sure all extra water drains out of the bottom of the pot. The soil should never stay swampy or waterlogged, as it leads to a fungal infection known as root rot. Pots with drainage holes are incredibly beneficial for the health of your plants, because they prevent issues from overwatering.


A Better Way to Water

Making sure all of your plants are correctly watered can be a huge inconvenience. Watering day brings its own set of struggles, like carrying heavy watering cans across your home, water dripping all over the floor, and wet dirt spilling mud on your floors and furniture.

We know the struggle, so we invented an easier way to bring water from your sink to your plants, with less strain and way less mess involved. Enter our exciting new House Plant Watering Hose! With a hose attachment that connects to your sink, bring the water to your house plants: not the other way around. With six faucet to hose adapters, connecting a hose to a sink faucet is now easier than ever!

Make watering your house plants less of a struggle by checking out our indoor watering hose here!

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