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The Watering Vine

misty - Electric Spray Bottle

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Say hello to Misty (and goodbye to sore fingers caused by manual spraying!) Misty is a handheld electric water mister that is perfect for watering plants, household cleaning, and hair styling. With just the touch of a button, misty releases an ultra fine mist perfect for a fast and efficient plant watering. She packs a punch with a light weight durable design and quick, long lasting recharable battery that lasts for 1 hour of continuous spraying! Great for garden plant watering, indoor plant sprayer, electric watering can, car cleaning, air humidification, glass cleaning


Meet misty - She's a handy fully automatic continuous water mister built with your needs in mind. Whether you're misting your plants, doing some household cleaning or spraying your hair, Misty is here to help!

Effortless Use - Tired of using a manual spray bottle? Misty offers automatic watering with the touch a button. No more finger cramps and sore hands from the constant use of a manual sprayer. Simply hold down the ON/OFF button to release a steady stream of ultra fine mist that protects your plants from over watering and satifies other household needs.

Long Lasting Charge - misty is fully rechargeable and built to last. This wireless rechargable plant spray bottle can simply be plugged into the included micro-USB charger and the long lasting lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to last for one hour of continuous spraying.

Wide Range of Uses - misty can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Great as an electric watering can, indoor plant sprayer, cleaning your car, air humidification, cleaning glass, sterilizing glass and many, many more uses!

Money Back Guarantee & Warranty - We are so confident that you will love your misty or your money back GURANTEED! If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return your misty for a full refund. We also offer a complimentary 6 month warranty on our product so you can shop with confidence!