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The Watering Vine

The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

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$49.99 USD
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$49.99 USD
**Does not fit Pull-Down Faucets. Only fits faucet with removable aerators. Please contact us if you have questions about compatibility**
  • An indoor watering hose that can be attached directly to a standard kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Great for watering house plants, cleaning pets, household cleaning and hosing off your deck/ balcony
  • Compact size when not in use for easy storage as well as an impressive length at full expansion
  • Available in both 25ft and 50ft, with water flow control

When you bring the plants indoors for the winter or your regular houseplants and herbs just need a drink, make watering easier with The Watering Vine. This convenient expandable hose is available in both 25ft and 50ft and easily attaches to your standard kitchen and bathroom sink faucet, stretching over a wide range to reach your beloved plants.

Convenient and easy to use, its perfect for watering house plants, usage in apartments, cleaning pets and hosing down outdoor spaces. The lightweight, robust and flexible nature of this hose makes it easy for maneuvering around your home as well as for storage, it is easy to fold up and put away once it has shrunk down. Complete with a nifty multiple pattern spray gun with a rear trigger, so you can control water flow alongside two handy tap connectors for easy usage.