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The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

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✔ Easy installation and use for standard kitchen and bathroom faucets. No tools required!

✔️ Durable brass fittings to ensure no leaks through out your home.

✔️ No more filling (or spilling) a watering can ever again!


The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

Regular price $64.99
Sale price $64.99 Regular price $84.99
SAVE 23% Sold out

Product Overview

**Does not fit Pull-Down Faucets. Only fits faucet with removable aerators. Please contact us if you have questions about compatibility**

  • An indoor watering hose that can be attached directly to a kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Great for watering house plants, cleaning pets, household cleaning and hosing off your deck/ balcony
  • Compact size when not in use for easy storage as well as an impressive length at full expansion. Available in 25ft, 50ft and 75ft, with water flow control
  • Includes six faucet to hose adapters to fit 95% of sinks.
  • Includes FREE 2-Function spray nozzle and FREE storage bag!

What's In The Box

1 Watering Vine Indoor Garden Hose

6 Faucet to Hose Adapters to Fit 95% of Faucets (Does not fit pull out faucets)

  • Male 15/16" -27T
  • Male 55/64" -27T
  • Male 3/4" -27T
  • Female 55/64" -27T
  • Female 13/16"-27T

1 FREE Premium 2-Function Spray Nozzle ($20 Value)

1 FREE Storage Bag ($15 Value)

1 Instruction Manual

1-Year Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty with all purchases. If anything goes wrong with your hose, we will send a FREE replacement.

There is zero risk.

24/7 Customer Support

We strive to go above and beyond for all of our customers.

You can reach us at anytime at or text us at (810) 643-1709.

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Never Fill (Or Spill) a Watering Can Again

With The Watering Vine's indoor hose, you can ditch your old watering can and start cleaning, watering, and washing more efficiently.

How It Works

Sink Hose Attachment For Kitchen Faucet

Limited Time FREE Gifts

For a limited time, we are including two FREE gifts with all orders.

  • Two-Function Spray Nozzle ($25 Value)
  • Storage Bag ($15 Value)

This is a $40 value absolutely FREE and automatically included with your order!

How to install hose to facuet convertor

No Tools Required!

When you bring the plants indoors for the winter or your regular houseplants and herbs just need a drink, make watering easier with The Watering Vine Indoor Hose. This convenient expandable indoor hose that attaches to kitchen and bathroom sink faucets is available in 25 feet, 50 feet, and 75 feet.

Our Faucet To Hose Adapters Fit 95% Of Sinks

The faucet to hose adapters included are:

  • Male 15/16" -27T
  • Male 55/64" -27T
  • Male 3/4" -27T
  • Female 55/64" -27T
  • Female 13/16"-27T

Contact customer service for more sizes!

Everything you need to know about The Watering Vine, answered here


How do I know The Watering Vine will fit on my faucet?

The Watering Vine is currently compatible with ~98% of US faucets with a circular removable aerator! Your kit comes with 6 adaptors to help fit different faucet sizes. We also send additional aerators FREE of charge.

How easy is it to install?

Super easy! The Watering Vine is installed in less than 5 minutes. No plumber needed. Everything you need comes in the box!

I received the wrong size hose?

The hose before it is connected to the water source is about 1/3 the size of it's total length. Once connected and the water is turned on, your hose will reach its full length!

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We stand by our product that's why we offer a full 1 year warranty on The Watering Vine. Should anything happen to your hose, we will replace or repair it free of charge for the first year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Great Item

It is so helpful to clean balcony or watering plants in a place like apartment where you need a hoose for different peruses.

Michele B. Sneed
Good product and Excellent support from owner!!

This is a product I've dreamed about for years because I have hanging baskets on my wraparound porch and I'm tired of carrying water and trying to (hit and miss) water the baskets which are rather high for me to reach. I've used a hose from the outside but that means draping the heavy hose across the deck and then needing to rewind that to get it out of sight. I also have four little grandchildren that love their wading pool on the deck and I have been carrying hot water from the kitchen sink to warm that up. Imagine just turning on the hot water from the kitchen sink and filling the wading pool to a good temperature! Upon receiving my much anticipated Watering Vine, I scanned over the user manual sheet and had no trouble removing the aerator from my kitchen sink and finding the one that would fit appropriately. I screwed on the hose and didn't want to turn it on until I took it outside. But, it was too short to get out the door! I thought I had been sent a shorter hose than the 50 ft one I ordered. I found the phone number for support and called and left a message. I soon got a return phone call from William, the owner. He explained to me that the hose does not reach its full length until the nozzle is screwed into place to build up pressure in the hose so that it fully extends. My thought had been not to use the nozzle because I wanted a gentle flow of water into my basket so I hadn't even tried that. Sure enough, when I did that the hose did extend to the full length of 50 ft. However, I had to contact William again because I could not get the nozzle to work. It seemed so simple but I could not get any water to come through. William worked with me and said I should screw the tip of the nozzle until the water came out. I did that and I made a video and sent him that I was screwing the tip of the nozzle and that nothing was happening. William quickly said, this has never happened before, but that he would immediately replace the nozzle. He took my mailing information and was going to put a new nozzle in the mail for me ASAP. His last text to me was try it one more time and this time put a little pressure on the nozzle tip. When I did that (which in my language means squeeze as you twist) and the nozzle worked exactly like it was supposed to. I quickly texted him back and told him that his final instructions to me did produce the desired result of spraying water in various streams as advertised. I told him I did not need a new nozzle! However, I do need a longer hose and could I purchase a 75 ft hose from him. Instead of charging me for the 75 ft hose, he is sending it to me gratis because of the confusion involved in getting the nozzle working. How great is that! Thank you so much William! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future, perhaps gifting family members with this great product. I'm also looking forward to my 75 ft hose so I can do even more projects on my deck. Thank you again!

Steve Griggs
Best purchase ever

Was highly doubtful how well this would work and it exceeded my expectations. Super simple to install and use. I don’t have a hose hookup in my backyard and need to wash my dogs, spray the porch and keep the AC unit clean. Works amazing. Super impressed.

Works amazing

Used this a few times and it works amazingly. Even came with a few different attachments for your faucet. My only thing bad I could say about it is that it would be nice if it came in a longer size. Other than that this item is perfect.

It didn’t fit my German made faucets. I loved the whole idea

I wish it fit my faucets. They gave you lots of choices but none fit. But I have a German made faucet.