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The Watering Vine

The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

The Watering Vine - Indoor Watering Hose

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**Does not fit Pull-Down Faucets. Only fits faucet with removable aerators. Please contact us if you have questions about compatibility**
  • An indoor watering hose that can be attached directly to a kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Great for watering house plants, cleaning pets, household cleaning and hosing off your deck/ balcony
  • Compact size when not in use for easy storage as well as an impressive length at full expansion. Available in 25ft, 50ft and 75ft, with water flow control
  • Includes six faucet to hose adapters to fit 95% of sinks.
  • Includes FREE 2-Function spray nozzle and FREE storage bag!
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Sink Hose Attachment For Kitchen Faucet

FREE Two-Function Nozzle and Storage Bag!

As an added bonus, we include a FREE premium two function spray nozzle as well as a storage bag!

  • Two-Function Spray Nozzle ($25 Value)
  • Storage Bag ($15 Value)

This is a $40 value absolutely FREE and automatically included with your order!

How to install hose to facuet convertor

No Tools Required!

When you bring the plants indoors for the winter or your regular houseplants and herbs just need a drink, make watering easier with The Watering Vine Indoor Hose. This convenient expandable indoor hose that attaches to kitchen and bathroom sink faucets is available in 25 feet, 50 feet, and 75 feet.

Indoor Watering Hose For Faucet

Easy Installation

The Watering Vine hose to faucet kit includes everything that is needed to hook up to your kitchen faucet or bathroom sink today!


"I’m so overjoyed with my watering vine and should have owned this many many years ago!!!  It saves my back hauling water to my plants and cut the time I spend watering!  I love it so much!!!"  

- Vickie K. -

  • Water Your Plants!

    No more walking around and constantly filling (and spilling) a watering can throughout your home! Quickly and easily water all your hanging plants with The Watering Vine!

  • Fill Up a Fish Tank!

    Filling up a large fish tank by filling up buckets of water at the sink and walking it over to the tank is a thing of the past! Use The Watering Vine to quickly complete this task.

  • Wash Your Dog!

    Quickly and easily attach The Watering Vine to your bathroom sink and wash your four-legged friend with ease!

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Hose Attachment For Kitchen Sink AND Bathroom Faucet

The Watering Vine is designed to fit on both kitchen sink faucets as well as bathroom faucets. It can even be used outdoors!

Our faucet to hose adapters fit 95% of sinks

The faucet to hose adapters included are:

  • Male 15/16" -27T
  • Male 55/64" -27T
  • Male 3/4" -27T
  • Female 55/64" -27T
  • Female 13/16"-27T

Contact customer service for more sizes!